The Pros and Cons of Dynamic Pricing for Restaurants

The hottest topic of discussion at industry conferences lately has been dynamic pricing for restaurants, a data-backed strategy that adjusts menu prices on demand. This strategy, also known as “surge pricing”, has been successful in other industries like ride-sharing and airlines, but its implementation in the restaurant industry is still up for fiery debate. Here… Read more »

2024: A Year of Better Employee Benefits in Hospitality

what employer benefits are today's hospitality employees looking for

Whether voluntarily or legally obligated, hospitality employers have made record-setting pay rate increases in 2023. However, many companies are still struggling to attract talent due to a low unemployment rate. When employers compete for talent in a small talent pool, they need more than increased pay to gain the upper hand. These conditions will produce… Read more »

The Dos and Don’ts of Handling Bad Restaurant Reviews

Between the rise in unreliable third-party to-go orders and a recent wave of price increases, there has been an increase in nasty reviews online. For some restaurant managers, over-the-top, bad reviewers simply do not merit a response, especially if the diners were unruly or rude. But responding to these might be in a restaurant’s best… Read more »

Eight Strategies for Restaurants to Create Staff Loyalty

It’s no secret that the restaurant industry struggles to retain workers. Many restaurant owners have simply accepted this as a fact of life and figured out ways to cope with a revolving door of employees. However, the most competitive restaurateurs understand that creating staff loyalty is not only good for business but essential for growth.… Read more »

What Happened to All the Ghost Kitchens?

What happened to Virtual brands and ghost kitchens?

Until recently, ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants seemed like the next big thing in the restaurant industry. But after Wendy’s decided to scrap its historic investment into ghost kitchens earlier this year, restaurant industry experts are asking: Did ghost kitchens get ghost-busted? Although reduced operating costs, greater flexibility, and faster concept launch times are all… Read more »

Four Reasons AI Can’t Replace Hospitality Recruiters

As in every other industry, Artificial Intelligence has many hospitality recruiters on the edge of their seats. How can this technology be utilized? How will this technology change the industry? Will it replace certain roles? Our recruiting team has already discovered ways to leverage AI to research markets, build prospective candidate lists, efficiently catalogue candidate… Read more »

How Restaurants Can Capitalize on the Rising Brunch Trend

Restaurant dayparts have shifted noticeably through the entire week, and Saturday brunch is no exception. In fact, Saturday brunch has surpassed Friday lunch as the busiest restaurant hours. If your restaurant hasn’t already started serving brunch, it may be time to consider it. Here are four things to keep in mind when deciding to add… Read more »

The Five Signs of an Emotionally Intelligent Hospitality Manager

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, has become a buzzword among hiring authorities, especially in high-stress service industries like hospitality. Yet when it comes time to hire management talent, many hiring authorities struggle to know what to look for. Here are five signs of an emotionally intelligent hospitality manager: Self-Awareness Empathy Keeping Cool Under Pressure Problem-Solving Coachability… Read more »

How California’s New “FAST Act” Could Change the Future of Restaurants

After California’s aggressive Fast-Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act (FAST Act) passed in 2022, then repealed days later, the restaurant industry has been watching the state nervously. In the wake of a threatened referendum, negotiations, and rewrites, an amended version of AB 1228 was finally signed into law. How does this law directly affect California… Read more »