How Restaurants Can Win the Post-COVID Talent War

It is a recipe for a restaurant staffing disaster: A surplus of unfilled positions, not enough workers interested, and everybody competing for the same talent at once. It’s a reality for most restaurant managers, leaving them at a loss on how to recruit in this type of market. However, some restaurants have discovered effective incentives… Read more »

Not Enough Hours in the Day: How to Recruit While Running a Restaurant

Most restaurant managers have experienced this vicious cycle: When a restaurant is short-staffed, management takes on extra roles. With the extra workload, there is not enough time to recruit and hire help. Without an HR or recruiting role on the team, the pattern is all too familiar. But with some smart adjustments to the recruiting… Read more »

Consumers Will Pay for Higher-Quality Food. What Do You Need to Provide?

Increasingly, consumers focus on quality over quantity. Diners are less likely to go through a drive-thru several times a week than they are to make the time to dine in a full service or fast casual restaurants with a reputation for top-notch service and high-quality food. What do these quality-seeking diners expect? Locally Sourced Products… Read more »

Attract Millennials Without Losing Other Business – Yes, It’s Possible!

Thinking about marketing to millennials, but afraid you’ll drive away your current customers? Chances are you have nothing to worry about. Many of the things millennials prefer will also be enjoyed by others, millennials just get there a little quicker. Here are a few ideas for attracting millennials while retaining customer of all ages. Engage… Read more »

5 Tips To Keeping Employees Not Only Engaged, But Happy

Much focus is placed these days on keeping employees engaged. But is that enough? Keeping your employees happy is the key to reducing turnover, increasing operational efficiency and improving your bottom line. How can you ensure that your employees are happy and engaged? Communicate Your Vision Let them in on your dreams and plans. Employees… Read more »

Restaurant Or Hotel Reviews: Why They Are So Important For Your Business

It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of reviews to your business. But if you understand word-of-mouth, you can understand reviews – it’s word-of-mouth on an international, nearly infinite level. Where a dissatisfied customer once would have told a friend or two about a bad experience, he can now post it online and reach… Read more »