Self-Driving Cars for Delivery – Is Your Restaurant Ready?

Self-driving cars are not yet widespread, but testing is ongoing. Common wisdom is that delivery of packages and food will ramp up much faster than actual human transport will. Ford, Toyota and several other manufacturers are running pilot programs. There has been some bugginess, but it truly is the way of the future, so it’s… Read more »

Can Artificial Intelligence in Resume Screening Solve the Job Candidate Quality Challenge?

The problem in the hospitality industry is not that there are not enough candidates. It’s that there aren’t enough quality candidates. Narrowing the field from dozens or hundreds of candidates to a select few that are qualified enough to interview can take a lot of person-hours. Can AI do some of the heavy lifting for… Read more »

What Is the Ideal Table Turnover Time to Increase Total Revenue and Tips? How Can You Achieve It?

You want diners to relax and enjoy their experience in your restaurant. If they feel at home, they are more likely to become repeat customers. The longer they linger, the more likely they will order dessert, more drinks, or coffee, all of which are high-margin items. Increasing check totals can boost revenue and tip amounts,… Read more »

How Does a Hospitality Recruiter Help Your Restaurant Find a New Chef?

What’s your primary responsibility? Is it hiring? Probably not. However, chances are you’re spending way too much time on it. Hiring well is essential, but it’s time-consuming and difficult to get right. Partnering with a hospitality recruiter can help the process go much faster and easier. How? They know the players Choose a recruiter who… Read more »

Why Using a Restaurant Back-Office System Is a Great Way to Monitor Vendor Pricing

Many believe that the restaurant industry is low tech. Diners look over a paper menu, select dishes that are prepared in the kitchen and delivered by a friendly server. But industry insiders know what’s really going on behind the scenes – science and technology. It takes a lot of data to keep food costs low,… Read more »