4 Simple Ways to Winterize Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Dining Experience

Warm soups, space heaters, and comfortable furnishings make outdoor dining cozy in the winter

Safely re-opening restaurants has been difficult for many owners this past summer but having the ability to seat guests outside has helped immensely. So as winter approaches and temperatures drop, many restaurant owners are dreading the loss of useable outdoor seating. But there are ways to make outdoor dining spaces comfortable, even inviting, to diners… Read more »

No Tipping Restaurants: Weighing The Pros and Cons During COVID-19


In light of COVID-19, some restaurants (like this one) are wholeheartedly embracing the no-tipping movement in an effort improve paychecks for their workers. Yet at the same time, other restaurants (like this one) have abandoned the idea, citing the same concern for employee pay. So how does a restaurant decide if adopting a no-tipping policy… Read more »

Create Team Goals and Individual Goals for Your Hospitality Staff


  Communicating company goals to your team is critical to the success of your business. But teams or individual employees cannot be expected to break those goals down into achievable tasks on their own. It’s up to you determine how each employee can contribute to company objectives by analyzing their strengths and motivating them to… Read more »

Should You Be Focusing on Sustainable Food Procurement?

Sustainable food procurement is one of the latest trends in restaurant management. But how do we define sustainable? Sustainability is about focusing not just on today’s needs, but also those of future generations. Purchasing from vendors committed to sustainability can enhance your reputation in the community and minimize your restaurant’s carbon footprint. Is sustainable food… Read more »