2024: A Year of Better Employee Benefits in Hospitality

what employer benefits are today's hospitality employees looking for

Whether voluntarily or legally obligated, hospitality employers have made record-setting pay rate increases in 2023. However, many companies are still struggling to attract talent due to a low unemployment rate. When employers compete for talent in a small talent pool, they need more than increased pay to gain the upper hand. These conditions will produce… Read more »

What Does It Take to Become a Hotel General Manager?

Whether you are a hotel professional trying to climb the ladder, or transitioning mid-career into hotels, the path to becoming a hotel general manager can sometimes be unclear. While each brand, region, and even property has its quirks, there are a few things that every hotel manager needs to be successful. Consider these skills when… Read more »

2024 Hotel Food and Beverage Forecast: Authenticity Takes Center Stage

You may have heard the word “authentic” frequently in 2023 (Merriam-Webster dubbed it as the word of the year after all). But how exactly is authenticity translated into Food and Beverage in the Hotel industry? Consider these Hotel Food and Beverage trends for 2024 that highlight travelers’ demands for a casual experience that embraces local… Read more »

How to Tell If Your Hotel Staff Training Program is Working

Find the right metrics to measure your hotel staff training program

Whether you are trying to maintain a high level of service or turn around a poor bottom line, hotel employee training is crucial to running a successful property. Effective hotel staff training programs can increase profitability, help with talent acquisition, and improve employee engagement. Here are four metrics to assess whether your hotel’s training program… Read more »

Four Reasons AI Can’t Replace Hospitality Recruiters

As in every other industry, Artificial Intelligence has many hospitality recruiters on the edge of their seats. How can this technology be utilized? How will this technology change the industry? Will it replace certain roles? Our recruiting team has already discovered ways to leverage AI to research markets, build prospective candidate lists, efficiently catalogue candidate… Read more »

The Five Signs of an Emotionally Intelligent Hospitality Manager

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, has become a buzzword among hiring authorities, especially in high-stress service industries like hospitality. Yet when it comes time to hire management talent, many hiring authorities struggle to know what to look for. Here are five signs of an emotionally intelligent hospitality manager: Self-Awareness Empathy Keeping Cool Under Pressure Problem-Solving Coachability… Read more »

Four Ways Technology is Supercharging Hotel Staff Efficiency

The hotel industry is not known as an “early adopter” of cutting-edge technology. However, hospitality technology has been gaining speed lately, resulting in some futuristic hotel experiences. The latest surge of “smart hotels” has been fueled by AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the digital connection of everyday items like room keys,… Read more »

What the Latest Hospitality Design Trends Mean for Hotel Project Managers

The latest trends in travel have brought sustainability, technology, and wellness to the forefront of every hotel owner’s mind. Not only do these trends demand that daily operations create a personalized guest experience, but physical facilities must also transform. When beginning hotel renovations, new developments, and technology upgrades, what do today’s project managers now need… Read more »

How to Quit Your Job the Right Way

A guide to not burning bridges when you quit your job

Whether salary negotiations fell through, the work environment was toxic, or your dream opportunity fell into your lap, you’ve decided that your days are numbered with your current employer. You have finally come to the conclusion that it’s time to move on. So how do you handle your last days at your current company? A… Read more »

Influencer Marketing for Hotels: The Dos and Don’ts

Influencer Marketing can be useful for hotels if they follow these dos and don'ts

Influencer marketing has a mixed reputation in the hotel industry. Many hotels are weary of imposters with delusions of grandeur trying to score free hotel stays at luxury resorts. Thankfully, the rate of imposter influencers like these has slowed significantly in the last few years. The role of influencers has evolved, and the influencer marketing… Read more »