Five Ways Hotels are Adding Value for Guests

hotels must find a way to add more value to the guests' stays.

Travel demand is surging, yet hotels are handling more dissatisfied guests than ever before. What’s causing the trend? The biggest complaints are not about quality of service or cleanliness (in fact, satisfaction in these areas has risen). The biggest concern guests have is the value they receive for the price. While room rates do not… Read more »

5 Ways to Better Accommodate Guests with Special Needs

How to better accommodate guests with special needs

There is no shortage of regulations detailing how restaurants and hotels are to provide for guests with disabilities or special needs. Yes, these regulations make it technically possible for people with disabilities to visit businesses. However, they are a far cry from truly making guests with special needs feel welcome. Since one in four Americans… Read more »

The Hospitality Industry’s Next Challenge: Convincing Talent to Return

It is no secret that COVID-19 hit the hospitality companies the hardest of any industry. And as waves of hospitality workers filed for unemployment, other industries have seen an opportunity. Leigh Ann Teubert, Managing Partner at Horizon Hospitality, noted that companies involved in property management, distribution, and even healthcare “are using this time to try… Read more »

Will New Hospitality Technology Affect Talent Acquisition?

As automation increases in the hospitality industry, the way in which you recruit may be impacted. Your hotel or restaurant will need to hire people with different kinds of skill sets or retrain current employees people who show signs of potential and willingness for development. Are robots taking our jobs? In a word, no. But… Read more »

How Can Luxury Hotels Provide True Luxury to Their Guests?

Luxury Travelers expect more from their vacation and business trips– that’s no secret. But when guests are accustomed to always having the best – the fastest wifi, the highest thread count sheets, professionally decorated homes – how can a hotel set itself apart? In 2017, it’s about three things; simplicity, technology and telling a story.… Read more »

What Hotel Trends Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

In recent years, several trends have entered the hospitality industry. While some of them are likely to fall by the wayside, many appear to have staying power. Embrace these trends to attract new guests and encourage previous visitors to make a return trip. Bleisure Travel For many people who are overscheduled or on a tight… Read more »

Market Your Hotel the Right Way to Fill More Beds

Today’s consumer has virtually limitless access to accommodation information before making the decision to book a hotel. Where they once picked up the phone and made a reservation, they can now spend hours comparing various hotels side by side. How can you stand out above your competition and attract new and returning visitors? Highlight your… Read more »

Recruiting Challenges for 2014

Are You Ready to Meet the Challenge of Recruiting in 2014? written by Dana Baith VP of Recruiting – Horizon Hospitality Government agencies, industry publications and travel associations are all shouting the good news…”The hospitality industry (especially the hotel sector) will continue to see an increase in business during the coming year.”  Obviously that means… Read more »