The Four Most In-Demand Skills for Hotel Executives Right Now

According to a recent report, the average tenure of C-suite executives is about 5 years. This, combined with the impact of “The Great Resignation” on the hotel industry means that organizations are dealing with a wave of executive talent turnover. As hotel companies rebound from COVID and the past few years of public scrutiny, what… Read more »

What Does it Take to Create a Resilient Hospitality Team?

While demand has surged in the hotel industry, employment levels have not. In understaffed teams, employees face increasingly challenging situations, work longer hours and wear multiple hats. This can quickly break down a team’s ability to bounce back from rough shifts or difficult customers. We have discussed the power of personal resiliency in our blog… Read more »

How Long Should Your Onboarding Last?

A recent survey indicates that 33% of new hires quit within the first six months of employment. Why? The top reasons reported were feeling neglected, overwhelmed, and unqualified. All of these factors underscore the importance of an onboarding process that keeps employees engaged, especially for a high-turnover industry like Hospitality. Some leaders believe that a… Read more »

How Hotel Technology Can Ease the Staffing Shortage Pains

Across the country, hotels are struggling to open at full capacity due to a lack of available hourly workers. In previous blog posts, we have discussed technology’s role as a perk that elevates the hotel guest experience. But with the tightening labor market, technology will become less of a bonus and more of an essential… Read more »

How to Proactively Manage Your Hotel’s Reputation

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools for a hotel. And now, travelers can simply pull out their phones to check a hotel’s reputation before booking. So, it can be devastating when a hotel loses stars on review sites like TripAdvisor, Google, or Yelp. Aside from offering the best quality service,… Read more »

What Qualities Make Leaders in Hospitality

Looking to add to the leadership team for your restaurant, hotel or resort? Look for these qualities to ensure your success and that of your team. Focus On ALL Their Customers Many managers pride themselves on guest experience, but what about staff experience? The best leaders also take the time to develop and train their… Read more »