How to Encourage Hotel Guests to Share Photos on Instagram

Instagram can be an amazing resource for your hotel – promoting your brand and making your hotel a go-to destination. Of course, establishing an Instagram marketing strategy of your own is essential. For example, sharing and encouraging your employees to share photos from behind the scenes can be fun and engaging. But happy guests can be your best advertisers.  Here’s how you… Read more »

Robotic Butlers and Other Hospitality Trends to Get Excited About


Just when you think you’ve seen everything in hospitality technology, along come additional innovations in the form of robotics, virtual reality and smart technology. What shows promise for your business and what should you keep an eye on? Will being an early adopter help you to remain ahead of the competition? Consider these innovations: Robotic… Read more »

Should Hotels Stop Offering Full Service?

Full-service hotels are expensive to stay in and expensive to run. Is there still a place for them or are they a thing of the past? Is limited service the way to go? Let’s take a look at some of the differences. Full service offers lots of extra amenities such as. Turn-down service Concierge Shuttle… Read more »