How Tech Is Changing the Drive-Thru Game


Would you like data with that? The fast-food market has always been competitive, but in a time when in-person contact is being kept to a minimum, the popularity of the low-contact drive-thru experience is growing even faster. How can restaurants keep or increase their market share? By leveraging tech in every customer encounter. What does… Read more »

Will COVID-19 Lead to Any Long-Term Changes in Restaurants?


The situation with Coronavirus/COVID-19 is changing rapidly. The restaurant industry is one of the hardest hit. It’s not hard to understand why. People linger in close quarters in restaurants for extended periods, so it’s not ideal for social distancing. But diners enjoy eating out, and restaurant employees need to work. What Changes is Coronavirus Likely… Read more »

How Can You Make Money on the Non-Alcoholic Happy Hour?


The market for non-alcoholic drinks is growing. Reasons for sobriety are wide-ranging and can include health, religion, addiction recovery or just a commitment to being the designated driver for the evening. If you want to attract non-drinkers to your bar or restaurant, it’s important to give them options. Sure, you can offer soda, water, or… Read more »

Long-Term Restaurant Trends to Start Implementing in 2020


Big changes are coming up in the restaurant industry in the next ten years. Why not get ahead of the curve and begin implementing them now? The last ten years have seen both low tech and high-tech innovations. On the one hand, diners looked for locally sourced, organic and plant-based meals. A trend on the… Read more »

How Is Domino’s Changing Delivery?


Just a few years ago, Domino’s Pizza business was suffering. Sales were down. Customers were complaining about the quality of the pizza. It seemed virtually impossible that the company could recover from these setbacks and their negative perception in the market. That is up until their new CEO, Patrick Doyle, joined the company. He is… Read more »

Is Hard Seltzer a Fad or a Real Trend?


Summer of 2019 was the summer of hard seltzer. Everywhere you went this year, from bars to the beach to sporting events, you were bound to see someone with a can of White Claw or Truly (these two brands dominate with an 85% combined share of the market). What restauranteurs want to know is whether the popularity of hard seltzer is just a fad, or will… Read more »

3 Ways to Reduce the Employment Gap at Your Restaurant


As you are aware, it is much easier and less expensive to keep employees on your staff than it is to hire new people. The headache of retraining alone is enough to motivate you to keep your best people happily employed. But how can you keep your employees happy and engaged so that you don’t need… Read more »