How Are Food Halls Changing the Industry?

Food halls are one of the latest trends in the hospitality industry. But what exactly is the attraction for diners? Can you adapt your business to capture some of this market? Horizon Hospitality, leaders in restaurant recruitment, shares some insights that can help you capitalize on this development. What Exactly Is a Food Hall? It’s… Read more »

How a Hospitality Recruiting Firm Finds You Star Employees

When you advertise a hospitality management position, you will probably have no shortage of responses. Unfortunately, a large percentage of them will be completely unqualified for the role. Your options are to take time, that could be spent elsewhere, to manually assess each of these resumes, or you can trust a hospitality recruiter to handle… Read more »

Hospitality Industry Managers are Highly Touted by Other Industries

The skills that make hospitality managers successful in restaurants, hotels and resorts are the same that make them attractive to other industries. By nurturing their talents, you can retain them while helping them to grow their careers. Here are a few qualities of a successful hospitality industry manager: Customer centricity. There is no substitute for… Read more »

Be Better Than the Competition to Win Customers

In the hospitality industry, there is no shortage of competition. Standing out among your competitors is the only way to get and keep customers. What strategies can you employ to set yourself apart and maintain and grow your successful business? Identify your competition. It’s not always as simple as you think. Is your hotel competing… Read more »

Horizon Hospitality Enhances Recruiting Presence in the Southeast U.S.

MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Scott A. Samuels, CEO Horizon Hospitality Associates, Inc. (913) 333-3190 Email: [email protected] LEAWOOD, Kan. – June 1, 2015 – Horizon Hospitality, a hospitality industry search firm that provides a variety of recruitment services to restaurants, private clubs, hotels, resorts and hospitality related industries across North America, has expanded its… Read more »

Beware! Dangers of Accepting a Counter Offer

You’ve reached a critical point in your job search: You have an offer and a new job on the horizon. But your current employer has come back with a counter offer, in an attempt to keep you right where you are. Maybe it’s a salary hike, a new title, a promotion, better benefits – or… Read more »

How to Receive Critical Employee Feedback

You’re committed to attracting new customers and retaining the ones you have, encouraging them to return time and again. Right on, but remember: Don’t overlook your most important customers – the ones who work for you every day. Because without them, where would you be? Help ensure ongoing customer service success by keeping your employees… Read more »

Your Online Presence is Important

How important is social media to your business? In short, you can’t afford not to leverage its potential, as hospitality companies and social media work together to successfully drive guest engagement. Here’s a look at boosting your online presence via various tools – and how they can help you increase reservations, customer satisfaction and return… Read more »