What Will it Take to Win Hospitality Workers Back?

How are hospitality companies going to convince workers to return?

COVID-19 caused a massive wave of lay-offs in the hospitality industry. Although hospitality workers are some of the most passionate people about their jobs, necessity pushed many to find careers in other industries. So, once the pandemic subsides, will they be willing to jump back into the notoriously tough hospitality industry? Or will they have… Read more »

What Are the Top-Rated Colleges with a Hospitality Major and What Are Their Top Features?

Considering a hospitality degree? You’ve got plenty of options. Top universities and colleges throughout the country offer comprehensive programs that can help you land management roles at hotels, restaurants and resorts. Here’s a listing of some of the top programs and the features that set them apart. Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration, Ithaca, New… Read more »