5 Reasons Why You Should Always Ask Questions in an Interview

Candidates should always be prepared with questions before an interview

“So, do you have any questions for me?” This question can make even the most confident candidate nervous, and unfortunately produce the occasional “deer in the headlights” reaction. As a candidate, you might think that if you ask too many questions, you’ll come across as annoying or even clueless. But that couldn’t be farther from… Read more »

What Are the Top-Rated Colleges with a Hospitality Major and What Are Their Top Features?

Considering a hospitality degree? You’ve got plenty of options. Top universities and colleges throughout the country offer comprehensive programs that can help you land management roles at hotels, restaurants and resorts. Here’s a listing of some of the top programs and the features that set them apart. Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration, Ithaca, New… Read more »

Be Prepared to Meet the Needs of International Travelers

A growing larger portion of hospitality revenue comes from international travelers. By considering and preparing for their unique needs, you can encourage repeat and referral business and develop a steady stream of business. Consider the many factors involved in pleasing international customers. The most important are to speak their language, understand their culture and accommodate… Read more »

Properly Respond to Online Customer Complaints During Their Experience

When it comes to online customer complaints, the more promptly you address them, the better. In the hospitality industry, you sometimes have an advantage that other businesses do not. Your guests may be with you for several days, giving you the opportunity to rectify any problems before they even leave your premises. Keep up with… Read more »