2024 Hotel Food and Beverage Forecast: Authenticity Takes Center Stage

You may have heard the word “authentic” frequently in 2023 (Merriam-Webster dubbed it as the word of the year after all). But how exactly is authenticity translated into Food and Beverage in the Hotel industry? Consider these Hotel Food and Beverage trends for 2024 that highlight travelers’ demands for a casual experience that embraces local… Read more »

Winter is Coming: What’s Your Country Club’s Strategy?

What do country clubs do in the winter

It’s September, and chances are that your country club is buzzing with full tee times, busy racquet-sport teams, and packed outdoor dining outlets. But when the weather turns sour this winter, what will your club do to stay relevant for members? Will you jump into new programming, make changes to current operations, or step back… Read more »

The Top 5 Restaurant Menu Trends in 2023

Many conversations surrounding 2023 restaurant menu trends seem to focus on quirky and bizarre ingredient combinations or TikTok influencers. However, when it comes time to order food from a menu, what are diners excited to order? In a nutshell, diners want their food choices to feel good: physically, emotionally, and even ethically. Here are five… Read more »

4 Ideas to Freshen Up Your Country Club’s Dining

Country Clubs have Opportunities to freshen up their food and beverage

Country club members are looking for something new and fresh from their dining experience. In response, many country clubs are undergoing dining room renovations or building entirely new dining outlets. But not every club is poised to undertake large capital-improvement projects. And even with those improvements, clubs still need ways to stay relevant in the… Read more »

What Does it Take to be a Successful Senior Living Chef?

The role of the Executive Chef has recently evolved into something of a celebrity within the senior living industry. Many senior living communities are elevating their dining programs to produce menus and food that rival top resorts. As the demand for distinguished food and beverage grows among residents and operators, so does the demand for… Read more »

Cannabis Tourism: Is Your Hotel Prepared?

The number of states allowing recreational cannabis use continues to grow. This, combined with the renewed zeal for traveling post-COVID has lead to a boom in Cannabis Tourism. Travelers are flocking to states where it is legal, leaving many hotels wondering how to balance this trend with their current operations. Here are some things hotels… Read more »

How to Make Your Senior Living Community Active Adult-Friendly

Those in the 55+ and over demographic are in their golden years. They have more free time and still have the energy to travel, exercise, and go out frequently. And they also are probably not ready to move anywhere that feels like senior living. But the hot housing market is prompting many to downsize their… Read more »

The To-Go Cocktail Trend is Here to Stay

One positive development for the restaurant industry last year was that many states lifted restrictions for off-premise alcohol sales. While this was a short-term fix meant to help restaurants recoup some lost income during COVID, the change seems to be permanent in some places as the pandemic subsides. And since take-out ordering remains popular, restaurant… Read more »

Predicting Restaurant Trends for 2021: An Impossible Task?

It’s that time of year again when restaurant professionals and experts make their grand predictions for the next year’s trends to watch. But this year has been unique and the next twelve months have never been less certain. With so many tough to predict factors like COVID-19 numbers, government regulations, and public sentiment, one has… Read more »