Letter From the CEO

To my fellow Hospitality Professionals, Just three months ago, the unemployment rate was at an all-time low of 3.5%, and it was a candidate’s market. Now, as I write this, the unemployment rate is hovering around 20%, and the hospitality industry is feeling it the most. We are watching our industry and its needs change… Read more »

Horizon Hospitality Launches Interim & Seasonal Staffing Services

MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Scott Samuels, CEO Tel: (913) 333-3190 Email: [email protected] Web: www.horizonhospitality.com Horizon Hospitality Addresses Client Demand for Immediate and Interim Hospitality Leadership OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS – August 29, 2019 Horizon Hospitality, the nationwide leader in executive search for the hospitality industry, is providing an ideal solution to hospitality companies seeking… Read more »

Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

No matter your role or how long you have been in it, we all have situations we would rather avoid. Scenarios can range from taking on a project in which you are not sure you will excel, having a difficult conversation with a client or colleague, or even simply interacting with coworkers in a social… Read more »

Embrace These Six Menu Trends

No doubt your restaurant has dishes that are crowd favorites, but diners are a fickle group. The best way to retain your current customers and attract new ones is to keep up with the latest trends in cuisine. You may not want to adopt all of them, but consider which of these hot trends may… Read more »

Hottest Hospitality Recruiting Trends for 2016

The new year is getting off to a rapid start. Do you have the talent you need to be ready for your busy season? The talent market continues to be tight, with more competition for the strongest candidates. In the coming year, employers will have to work a bit harder to find and attract the… Read more »

Properly Respond to Online Customer Complaints During Their Experience

When it comes to online customer complaints, the more promptly you address them, the better. In the hospitality industry, you sometimes have an advantage that other businesses do not. Your guests may be with you for several days, giving you the opportunity to rectify any problems before they even leave your premises. Keep up with… Read more »

Hospitality Staff Must Provide ‘WOW’ Customer Service

Travelers have become more independent. They plan trips without agents, conduct research online and don’t always use the services of bellhops or concierges. Without these traditional avenues of standout service, how can you impress your guests and earn repeat business? Share Local Knowledge Some travelers enjoy the predictability of visiting the same stores and restaurants… Read more »

4 Keys to Success after Receiving a Promotion

Winning a promotion is exciting. You put in a lot of hard work to get there and you’re probably eager to show what you can do. It’s natural to want to make a great first impression on the job, but it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew. Choose just a few… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Job-hopping in the Hospitality Industry

It’s tough to strike a balance between building longevity in one place and going where the opportunity is. How do you know if you should stay for the long haul or jump ship? A big factor to consider is “Why are you making the change?”. Before you go job-hopping, weigh the pros and cons. Great… Read more »