Utilize Your Expertise on an Interim Basis with Hospitality Companies Nationwide!

Interim talent provides our clients with the ability to bring experienced professionals into their operation on a temporary basis. It will enable their operation to flourish while they seek a permanent replacement. Imagine the opportunity to continue your career that leverages your professional experience thus far. Envision an environment in which you are in control of your lifestyle, balance, future and income.

We are seeking highly talented Executive Chefs, Sales & Marketing Directors, Hotel General Managers and Food & Beverage Managers/Directors to provide their expertise and be part of Horizon Hospitality’s Interim Staffing Team for our clients nationwide! This position is NOT for an individual who is in-between jobs and seeking a permanent career opportunity. We are looking for hospitality professionals that are wiling to commit 100% to our Interim Program.

In the majority of situations, our Interim Team Members will work a 5 day/50 hour work week.

Our Interim Team will provide expertise for our clients based on a variety of reasons, including:

Seasonality: When talent needs fluctuate seasonally and companies need a robust expertise year-round.

Testing New Processes & Menus: When companies are exploring a new opening, technology, or product lines. Although it is not our intent, sometimes Interim professionals could turn into full-time hires.

Skill Gap: When companies have a short-term issue or project that requires specialized knowledge for a defined period. An Interim Hospitality Professional can help build efficient new systems and processes that can be leveraged by the rest of the team.

Maternity/ Paternity Leave: Parental leave (or other leaves of absence) enables Interim Staff to keep projects moving forward.

Expansion or Growth: When a company is experiencing significant growth and requires extra support to strategically shape their operation.


  • Temporary Relocatability – ability to relocate to a location temporarily for a minimum of 2 weeks (travel and lodging expenses will be covered).
  • Extreme Flexibility – we may need you in a day’s notice as our clients’ needs are immediate in most cases.
  • Exceptional Communication and Organizational Skills – we are seeking motivators/leaders who can go into challenging situations, take charge and motivate the team.
  • Excellent Professional Skills – ability to jump in, be hands on and train/coach others.
  • Track Record of Success – we are seeking hospitality professionals with excellent job tenure and a proven track record of success.
  • Solid References – before considering you for this role, we will be speaking with your supervisors and subordinates to learn more about your interpersonal, leadership skills.

For more information about an Interim Hospitality career with Horizon Hospitality, contact:
Scott Samuels | CEO
[email protected]