Why it matters

Embracing diversity in the hospitality workplace is essential to creating a supportive culture where employees feel valued. Additionally, multiple studies show that diverse companies have higher levels of innovation and production. As companies who recognize this are putting energy into creating Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, it is imperative that they support these goals with fair and inclusive talent acquisition processes. If a company is not able to attract and promote a diverse talent pool, then it is virtually impossible to welcome underrepresented groups to the company.

There are a variety of obstacles that stand in the way of a company hiring the best candidate regardless of factors like race, gender, age, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation:

  • Limitations to existing talent pipelines
  • Unstructured interviews
  • Unreliable performance indicators
  • Non-inclusive job descriptions

At Horizon Hospitality, we can help companies overcome these obstacles. It is our mission to provide top-tier talent from a diverse pool of candidates to help clients achieve their long-term cultural and financial goals. And we know that our core values must reflect that mission. To truly underscore the role that diversity has in creating strong and resilient teams, and as well as guide our relationships, we have added “Embrace Diversity and Inclusion” to our core values.

How Horizon Hospitality Can Help

We know it is not enough to simply assume that stating our goodwill to promote this idea will effectively create changes in diversity. There must be concrete processes in place that provide actual opportunities for our clients to build a diverse workforce.

Our 20+ years of experience have led us to develop our highly regimented and data-oriented recruiting process that helps identify the most qualified candidates, regardless of their protected class. To help clients focus on candidates’ core competencies rather than personal assumptions, we provide a range of tools:

  • Talent Assessments
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Blind Resumes
  • Hiring Process Consultations
  • Wide range of Talent Pools
  • Structured Interview Process
  • Client Needs Assessments

We know that diversity and inclusion in the workplace does not mean lowering the bar for performance standards. It means widening the recruitment pipeline and allowing space to acquire the best talent from all backgrounds. When companies truly nurture diversity and inclusion, everybody wins.

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