Core Hiring Solutions

When filling hospitality management positions, how do you know the most effective way to search? Consider the critical nature of the position, how quickly it must be filled and how difficult it may be to find and attract suitable candidates. Then choose the option most likely to produce the desired results.

At Horizon Hospitality, we offer a range of search solutions that can be easily customized to your requirements. Each of these options will provide you with different benefits depending on your hiring needs, timeline and budget.

Exclusive/Engaged Searches

The advantages of a Retained/Exclusive Search with Horizon Hospitality are significant. These searches take precedence over assignments due to the mutual commitments that are involved in the search process. Our team prioritizes our retained searches and assigns a dedicated team of sourcing professionals to the project.Prior to beginning your retained search, we will establish a specific search timeline with target dates for deliverables. Initiating a retained search allows potential candidates to see how serious the hiring company is about filling the position, therefore giving credibility and legitimacy when discussing this position with potential applicants.

Exclusive/Engaged Searches are ideal when an urgent situation presents itself, or for a sensitive case in which confidentiality is paramount. We serve as your company’s directed recruiting resource and the successful completion of your search is guaranteed!

Non-Exclusive Searches

Horizon’s Contained/Non-Exclusive Search is ideal for those companies who wish to utilize other recruiting resources, in addition to ours.Contained Searches take precedence over other assignments due to the mutual commitments that are involved in the search process. Our team prioritizes these searches, and assigns a dedicated team of sourcing professionals to the project. Much like a Retained Search, Contained Searches are ideal when an urgent situation presents itself or for a sensitive case in which confidentiality is paramount.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Horizon Hospitality will function as your company’s internal recruitment department and can manage your entire recruiting and hiring process.We will:

  • Improve a company’s time to hire
  • Reduce cost per hire
  • Increase the quantity and quality of the candidate pool
  • Provide verifiable metrics
  • Reduce expense
  • Improve EEOC compliance

We offer a variety of services and can either handle your company’s entire recruiting function or simply act as a backup for those occasional unexpected or tough-to-fill hiring needs. Either way, Horizon Hospitality will provide you with the most cost-effective recruiting solution with the fastest response times in the industry.

Learn more about how our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution can bring you freedom.

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Advanced Hiring Expertise

As a result of the current competitive hospitality employment market and low unemployment rates, more candidates than ever before are receiving multiple offers, accepting counter-offers and demanding higher salaries.

Is your company strategically positioned to succeed in today’s highly competitive hiring environment?

For the past 20 years, Horizon Hospitality has assisted hundreds of hospitality companies to improve their ability to hire and retain the best talent this industry has to offer. Having partnered with the top hospitality companies across the country in their talent acquisition efforts, our firm has gained tremendous insight and knowledge of how companies successfully hire and retain their employees.

Hiring Process Review

Most growing companies continue to struggle with the right balance and process for hiring top talent. Through an analysis of your hiring process and methodology, the experts at Horizon Hospitality will provide strategic solutions that will enable you to hire faster, better, and help you reduce costly turnover.

  • Are you losing great candidates due to a lengthy and/or antiquated hiring process?
  • How can you streamline your process while maintaining the necessary checks and balances?
  • Does your hiring team really know how to interview and ask the right (and legal) questions to potential candidates?
  • When your interviews conclude, do you have a true understanding of how a potential employee will perform on the job?
  • How can you be more innovative and creative in presenting offers so you stop losing great candidates to your competitors at minimal cost to your company?

If any of the above questions are challenges for your company…Contact Horizon Hospitality

Compensation Structure Analysis
(Base Pay, Bonus, Commissions, Incentives and Benefits)

A well-designed compensation philosophy supports the organization’s strategic plan and initiatives, business goals, competitive outlook, operating objectives, and compensation and total reward strategies.

  • What benchmarks and resources are you using to determine if your wages are competitive in the current market so that you can attract and retain the best talent?
  • Are you offering a bonus package that will drive performance metrics while adding real value to your employees’ overall compensation?
  • Are you offering progressive benefits that make you an employer of choice to your current and future employees?

Remember that in order to remain competitive and continue to grow, most companies need to adjust their salary ranges periodically. Performing a compensation analysis ensures your organization’s pay decisions are in line with both external factors, such as current market trends, as well as internal needs, including your company goals.

If any of the above questions are challenges for your company…Contact Horizon Hospitality

Hiring & Retention Educational Workshops

Horizon Hospitality has conducted Education and Team Building Workshops for numerous hospitality companies and associations across the country. These workshops will typically range from 90 minutes to 3 hours, depending upon the specific goals and objectives of our clients.Some participant feedback from a just a few educational workshops:

  • “Very informative. Excellent points. Knowledge of subject is excellent.”
  • “Great topic! Helpful to evaluate and improve our company’s hiring system.”
  • “Material applied to all level of positions and focus on strengths & weaknesses of people applying for employment while determining if they are the right fit for your team.”
  • “I felt the information given on interviews and job retention was great.”
  • “Very pertinent information and some great ideas to better evaluate improving staff relations.”

In addition, Scott Samuels and other team members are frequent speakers at the Club Manager Association of America (CMAA) National Conference and also conduct 90-minute to six-hour workshops at Club Management Chapters across the country. We are proud to participate in CMAA Club Foundation’s Chapter Workshop Grant Program!

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