How Much of Your Recruitment Process Can You Truly Automate?


Anything you can do to make the hiring process easier for job seekers is going to give you a distinct competitive advantage. Even in a period of low candidate pools, candidates aren’t always treated as valued individuals by employers and recruiters.   The problem is, how do you provide the kind of candidate experience required to attract and… Read more »

Tactics to Reduce the High Employee Turnover in Your Restaurant


Turnover is a fact of life in the restaurant industry, and one of its biggest challenges. But there are measures you can take to increase the chance of holding onto your best people. Restaurants are experiencing churn rates of more than 70 percent, according to recent reports.   Some turnover is unavoidable, such as that caused by seasonal peaks… Read more »

What’s Better – Not Hiring or an Imperfect Hire?


When hiring for your restaurant or hotel, it can be tough to balance the need to get open positions filled ASAP and the wisdom of taking the time to make sure you get it right the first time. And who can blame you? A bad hire can cost as much and two and a half times their salary to replace.   But… Read more »

11 Most Common Lies People Put On Their Resume

Misrepresenting their education is one of the most common things people do on their resumes. Some may simply extend the truth a bit but others tell blatant lies and hope they won’t be caught. Scott Samuels, CEO of executive search firm Horizon Hospitality, cited a prime example. One hopeful listed Cornell School of Hotel Management… Read more »

Chatbots and Messaging: Candidates Expect Them in the Job Search


The best candidates are often those who are currently employed, making it tougher to communicate with them in the hiring process. If they are trying to fit their search around their current job, they may not be able to take a call. They are likely to explore opportunities during off hours when it’s unlikely the… Read more »

The ABCs to Generation Z Workers

FEATURED IN FOOD FANATICS MAGAZINE – A tight labor market and record highs in terms of foodservice job openings requires that you do more than stick a “help wanted” sign on your front window. Instead, try turning to Generation Z – the 61 million potential employees born between 1997 and 2012 – to fill server,… Read more »

Glassdoor Survey: One Word Leads to a Positive Candidate Experience


Employers often wonder what it takes to hire and retain candidates in today’s talent market. A recent survey by Glassdoor may provide some answers. Chief among them is the importance of  communication. What candidates typically want most is to be kept informed every step along the way. How can you use this information to your… Read more »