How To Retain Seasonal Employees To Reduce Turnover

Busy seasons can be a great proving ground for new employees. But how can you ensure that the best of them want to stay once their expected tenure is over? Laying the groundwork ahead of time is the key. Make Them Feel Like Part Of The Team. Your existing employees may subtly (or less than… Read more »

The Cost Of A Bad Hire And How To Avoid It

A single bad hire can cost an employer up to 30% of the individual’s first year compensation. In the hospitality field, damages can go farther and wider. One bad hire touches so many people – both customers and employees, that there is no telling how far the ripples will extend. Impact of Bad Hires Employees… Read more »

Is the Golden Rule Selfish?

Since childhood, we have all been raised by the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Many would cite this ethical code as one of their aspirations by which to live, both personally and professionally. The problem with the Golden Rule? It implies the basic assumption that other people would like… Read more »

5 Reasons to Treat Job Seekers as Potential Customers

In any business, establishing and maintaining a good reputation is the key to success. In hotels and restaurants, reputation is especially important. New customers come from many sources – travel agents, Internet, social media, word of mouth. Why is it so important to you treat job seekers as potential customers? 1. They May Already Be… Read more »

Restaurant Management: Stop Losing Your Top Performers

Why do hospitality employees – including top-performing talent – feel the urge to flee? The top two reasons cited by industry experts are: They don’t feel valued by their employers, and, They feel underpaid as well as underappreciated. Well, that explains a lot. But the good news is if you are in restaurant management: You… Read more »