Why Will a Hospitality Recruiter Help You Grow in 2020?


If you are a successful hospitality professional, there is no shortage of opportunities for you to advance your career within the industry. If you’ve got the confidence in your skills to handle a job search on your own, you might wonder why anyone would bother working with a recruiter. There are plenty of reasons that… Read more »

The Stress Test

stressed managers

In any high – level management search, employers look for passionate individuals who wake up each day craving success, and can channel that passion into actions and results. Companies respect those who have the strength to learn why they failed, what to do in the future to succeed, and the willpower to get back on… Read more »

What Does the Hotel Guest in 2020 Want?

Travelers look for accommodations that are like home but better. And in 2020, people increasingly automate their homes. They want to bring that experience with them on the road. They wish to be able to stream the same entertainment they do at home. They want to control light and temperature from their smartphones, and they… Read more »

Long-Term Restaurant Trends to Start Implementing in 2020


Big changes are coming up in the restaurant industry in the next ten years. Why not get ahead of the curve and begin implementing them now? The last ten years have seen both low tech and high-tech innovations. On the one hand, diners looked for locally sourced, organic and plant-based meals. A trend on the… Read more »

How to Find the Passive Candidates You Need in Hospitality


Passive candidates are some of the strongest you’ll find in the hospitality industry. They are already working successfully for one of your competitors or in a related industry. It’s up to you to encourage them to join your organization by persuading them that your opportunity represents an upgrade to their career or lifestyle. But first,… Read more »

Sales Training, Tech Top Indie Hotel Spending Plans

[Scott Samuels, CEO of Horizon Hospitality, is quoted in a recent article by Hotel News Now] …Sluggish demand for overseas travel to the United States is predicted next year and the election year could take the industry in a host of directions, which is why independent hoteliers are thinking about spending priorities now… …Independent hoteliers… Read more »

Overcome Slow Season at Your Hotel This Winter


If your hotel is in a location that tends to attract summer vacationers or bring in conferences and conventions when the weather is nice, you may find that the winter season is slower than you’d like. But you still have the same number of rooms to fill and similar expenses. How can you keep your… Read more »

Top Benefits of Interim Management for Hospitality Venues


Those unfamiliar with interim management may incorrectly equate it with temporary staffing. While temporary or contract staffing can range from filling in for short-term absences to bringing on highly skilled specialists on a project basis, interim management is more strategic. They are there to provide continuity, stability or at times, act as a change agent.… Read more »

How Is Domino’s Changing Delivery?


Just a few years ago, Domino’s Pizza business was suffering. Sales were down. Customers were complaining about the quality of the pizza. It seemed virtually impossible that the company could recover from these setbacks and their negative perception in the market. That is up until their new CEO, Patrick Doyle, joined the company. He is… Read more »

Where Is the Future of Senior Living Going in 2020 and Beyond?

What happens when the “me generation” enters senior living? They expect a lot more from providers and properties. Many boomers are fresh off caring for their aging parents and have seen how difficult it was for everyone involved, particularly for those “silent generation” members who were reluctant to leave the homes they worked so hard to pay off… Read more »