Are We Addicted To Stress?

For many, pending deadlines and packed schedules are not overwhelming, but instead can be a driving force that pushes them toward greater productivity. We have processes to streamline, goals to achieve, promotions to earn, debt to eliminate, exercise regimes to master, dreams to chase, and people to help and inspire. The “I work best under… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a Job in Hotels

Nearly 1.9 million Americans work in the hotel industry – and there are some excellent reasons why this is true. Salaries, benefits and career opportunities are plentiful and the work environment by the very nature of the industry is friendly, accommodating and welcoming. Competitive Pay   Hotel companies that value providing premier guest service are… Read more »

Restaurant Manager Salaries: What Do You Deserve?

The starting salary of a restaurant manager can cover a wide range, based on a candidate’s experience, industry and choice of location. In the United States, the median salary for a restaurant manager is approximately $48,500, with those in the lowest 10 percent on the scale earning about $30,000 and those in the upper 10… Read more »

Understanding the Truth about your Restaurant Managers

A recent Harvard University study reported that 80 percent of job turnover is due to hiring mistakes. And the U.S. Department of Labor has noted that the average cost of a bad hire is 30 percent of a new employee’s first-year salary. You can avoid being part of these discouraging statistics by conducting effective background… Read more »

How to Successfully Interview an Executive Chef

It goes without saying that your executive chef must be a master at running an efficient kitchen. But what really separates a chef from a cook is the ability to help turn your restaurant into a strong brand that makes a consistent profit. When interviewing executive chef candidates, start by evaluating their culinary skills, then… Read more »

7 Blunders When Searching for a Hotel Management Job

When filling management positions, hotel executives want the right combination of experience, industry knowledge, career track record with progressive growth and solid job stability. You could excel in all these areas, plus have solid references and the educational background to make you a leading contender. Yet it amounts to nothing if you fall prey to… Read more »

The Millennial Challenge

By the year 2030, Millennials, also known as Gen Y (those born in the 80’s and 90’s) will make up 75% of the workforce.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2015, this hyper-connected and tech-savvy demographic will come close to overtaking the majority representation of the workplace. This should not come as a… Read more »

The Best Use of Assessments in the Interview Process

Talent assessments, also known as pre-employment tests, are important tool in the hiring process. And just as you need more than just a hammer in your home improvement toolbox, you need more than just assessments in your hiring formula. Studies show that they should carry about one-third of the weight involved in your candidate selection… Read more »

Hotel General Manager Salaries: Where Do You Stand?

If you’re seeking a career with excellent growth potential that does not require a four-year degree, hotel management may be the answer for you. Current Salaries The following snapshot of hotel GM salaries was compiled by the executive recruitment staff at Horizon Hospitality: Select service hotels with under 200 rooms: $45,000 to $65,000 (median =… Read more »