Hospitality Recruitment Trends

Interviewing is like going on a first date…you never hear about the negatives until later in the relationship! I have used this analogy many times throughout the years because I believe it to be very true. So, how can you be sure that your newly hired employee will be successful with your company? Hospitality employers are… Read more »

Horizon Expands to CVB’s & Chambers

Talent Acquisition Firm to Target Convention & Visitors Bureau / Chamber of Commerce Industry As the President of Horizon Hospitality, I’m pleased to announce that we’re expanding into the Convention & Visitors Bureau/Chamber of Commerce talent acquisition market segment. The timing is right to make an impact in a market segment that is a natural extension to… Read more »

Why Hospitality HR Professionals Need to Participate in Social Media

Still on the fence about using social media?  Consider these statistics from the recent Cone Business in Social Media Study: 93 percent of Americans believe that a company should have a presence on social media sites. 85 percent believe that these companies should use social media to interact with consumers. 60 percent of Americans regularly… Read more »

Job Search Strategies for Hospitality Industry Professionals

Like most things in life, you’ll get out of your job search what you put into it.  Those who work harder, have a positive attitude, persevere and go the extra mile are more likely to get what they want – period. If you have the commitment to work hard, but need direction for your efforts,… Read more »

Sustainability Poses Multiple Challenges for Hospitality Operations

Despite contradictions involving finances, operations and marketing, today’s hotel and restaurant operators are making huge strides toward sustainable operations. This was one of the key findings of the Cornell Hospitality Sustainability Roundtable, held in New York City this past November.  Participants, led by Associate Professor Alex Susskind, examined the critical issues in sustainability – namely,… Read more »

Biggest Challenges Facing HR in the Next Decade

What do you think will be the biggest challenges facing HR during the next decade? This is one of the questions posed in a poll by the Society for Human Resource Management titled “Challenges Facing Organizations and HR in the Next 10 Years.” The survey responses, gathered from 449 HR professionals, show that: Getting and… Read more »

Why Hospitality Recruiters Beat Job Boards – Hands Down

When it comes to finding your ideal hospitality job, nothing compares to working with a specialized recruiter like Horizon Hospitality. Admittedly, I may be a little biased.  While I certainly won’t tell you not to use job boards (they can be a valuable part of your job search strategy), I’d like to share this list… Read more »

National Restaurant Association Predicts 2011 U.S. Restaurant Rebound

According to the NRA, after three years of negative real sales, America’s restaurant industry is poised for a comeback.  In its “2011 Restaurant Industry Forecast,” the NRA predicts a record $604 billion in annual sales this year – an aggregate sales increase of 3.6% over 2010 (1.1% in inflation-adjusted terms). Here are a few key… Read more »

Effective Employee Onboarding Tips for Hospitality Employers

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” When you hear this saying, you may envision a nervous job seeker, compulsively straightening his suit and repeating his 30-second “personal sales pitch” before an interview.  But quite honestly, the saying is just as relevant for hospitality hiring companies.  Why? When you mainstream and… Read more »