Benefits of Outsourcing Your Club’s HR Department

How would your club run without the right staff – and the best possible human resources structure to hire, retain and develop them? The answer is: Not at all. Your employees are your most valuable asset – and your HR team is the lifeline that helps ensure this resource, today and for the long term.… Read more »

Beware! Dangers of Accepting a Counter Offer

You’ve reached a critical point in your job search: You have an offer and a new job on the horizon. But your current employer has come back with a counter offer, in an attempt to keep you right where you are. Maybe it’s a salary hike, a new title, a promotion, better benefits – or… Read more »

How to Receive Critical Employee Feedback

You’re committed to attracting new customers and retaining the ones you have, encouraging them to return time and again. Right on, but remember: Don’t overlook your most important customers – the ones who work for you every day. Because without them, where would you be? Help ensure ongoing customer service success by keeping your employees… Read more »

Your Online Presence is Important

How important is social media to your business? In short, you can’t afford not to leverage its potential, as hospitality companies and social media work together to successfully drive guest engagement. Here’s a look at boosting your online presence via various tools – and how they can help you increase reservations, customer satisfaction and return… Read more »

Prepare for a Phone Interview: Here’s How


A phone interview may seem like an easy, relatively effortless experience. After all, you don’t have to stress out over which suit to wear or worry about missing your expressway exit. A phone interview is the first milestone in being considered a serious candidate for a position. While several individuals may reach this stage, only… Read more »

Selecting the “Right” Recruiting Firm

When a hiring need arises, you need to make the right candidate match, efficiently and successfully. The cost of a hiring mistake – estimated at three times that of an initial hire – is just too high. So, partnering with a recruiting firm that knows your business and knows your needs, is a wise strategic… Read more »

The Treasure of True Grit

“Tell me about a time when you failed, and what you learned from that experience.” Think of the most successful employees you’ve ever worked with, or the individuals you’ve mentored who excelled the most, or the leaders you’ve studied who seem to achieve every goal they set for themselves.  Undoubtedly, a common thread between all… Read more »

Another Example Post

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Recruiting Challenges for 2014

Are You Ready to Meet the Challenge of Recruiting in 2014? written by Dana Baith VP of Recruiting – Horizon Hospitality Government agencies, industry publications and travel associations are all shouting the good news…”The hospitality industry (especially the hotel sector) will continue to see an increase in business during the coming year.”  Obviously that means… Read more »

What is TURNOVER costing you?

written by Leigh Ann Teubert Director of Client Relations – Horizon Hospitality No one likes change in staff, including your customers!  When a guest walks into your operation and sees the same happy people, it increases their feeling of comfort and confidence and makes them want to come back again; or better yet, tell all their… Read more »