The Pre-Shift Meeting

Set the tone for a successful workday (or evening) with your pre-shift meeting. By taking 10 minutes to update your staff on what they need to know and prepare them for their shift, you’ll motivate them to do their best. Check that everything is in place. Mis en place works for the front of the… Read more »

The Farm-to-Table Movement

The Farm-to-Table Movement relies on fresh local ingredients to produce high-quality meals at a lower cost and with reduced environmental impact. But what does it mean to the restaurant business? Can it work for you? Using local meats and produce in your restaurant is easier on the environment. Ingredients don’t need to be shipped across… Read more »

Dealing with Bad Reviews

One of the first lessons to learn in the hospitality industry is that you can’t please everyone. What’s too cold for one guest is too hot for another. One person’s nicely seasoned meal is too bland for the next diner. The trouble is that the customer who would once complain to his brother-in-law about his… Read more »

Rallying the Troops


Keeping a restaurant running requires a lot of different skill sets – and a lot of different personalities. But it’s critical that all these different types of people learn to work in concert. From the manager in the front of the house to the executive chef in back and the bussers who run in between,… Read more »

Independent Hotels: How Do You Compete With The National Brands?

It’s tougher every year for independent hotels to compete with large international chains. But with a proactive approach and attention to detail, small boutique hotels can carve out their own niche. Provide better service. Guests are attracted to independent hotels because they are tired of the cookie-cutter experience they get at large chains. Train your… Read more »

What Qualities Make Leaders in Hospitality

Looking to add to the leadership team for your restaurant, hotel or resort? Look for these qualities to ensure your success and that of your team. Focus On ALL Their Customers Many managers pride themselves on guest experience, but what about staff experience? The best leaders also take the time to develop and train their… Read more »

2015 For Hospitality: What’s In Store for Your Hotel or Restaurant?

One of hospitality’s most prominent trends in 2015 is continued consumer demand for locally sourced ingredients. Restaurant customers continue to ask for locally sourced and sustainable produce, meats and fish. Travelers to your hotel will be looking for meals and accommodations that offer local flavor over sterile corporate staleness. What Does That Mean For Hospitality… Read more »

Motivating Your Hospitality Staff: Which Style Is Best For You

Figure out the best strategies to motivate your hospitality staff by determining what management style will work best with your employees while remaining true to yourself. A variety of styles can be effective depending on your company, location, or your clientele. What’s the best one for you – and your team? What’s Your Management Style?… Read more »