The Most Sought After Careers in the Hospitality Industry

When you talk about hospitality, people first think of entry level jobs like busing tables, working as front desk clerk or housekeeper. But whether you enter the industry in one of these positions and work your way up or start your career further up the ladder, there are enviable positions where you can make a… Read more »

5 Ways to Lose Your Restaurant Manager Job

Working as a restaurant manager is a demanding job. Long hours on your feet, managing a team in an industry that tends toward high turnover and keeping the physical plant in order require a lot of different skills. But balancing these traits can be the key to getting and keeping management positions. But sometimes things… Read more »

5 Reasons to Treat Job Seekers as Potential Customers

In any business, establishing and maintaining a good reputation is the key to success. In hotels and restaurants, reputation is especially important. New customers come from many sources – travel agents, Internet, social media, word of mouth. Why is it so important to you treat job seekers as potential customers? 1. They May Already Be… Read more »

What Technologies are Impacting the Private Club Industry?

What Technologies are Impacting the Private Club Industry? According to the National Club Association, new members typically join private clubs between the ages of 30 and 39. Demographically, today’s potential members rely heavily on technology for information and functionality. In order to reach them, you must to adopt those technologies as well. Content Marketing With… Read more »

Restaurant Management: Stop Losing Your Top Performers

Why do hospitality employees – including top-performing talent – feel the urge to flee? The top two reasons cited by industry experts are: They don’t feel valued by their employers, and, They feel underpaid as well as underappreciated. Well, that explains a lot. But the good news is if you are in restaurant management: You… Read more »

Top Hospitality Industry Trends in 2014

We’re getting ready for some of 2014’s peak travel times. How can your business stay ahead of the competition during this year of economic recovery? Customer Service What does customer service look like this year? If you want to be an industry leader, it has to go well beyond basic expectations. Look for a positive… Read more »

Does Your Restaurant Manager Fit Your Restaurant’s Culture?

With about 13 million people, the restaurant industry employs one of the largest workforces in the United States. And there’s an abundance of good talent out there. The key is finding the right person for your restaurant management position – and that means securing a good cultural fit. Start by Defining Your Culture Your culture… Read more »

Are We Addicted To Stress?

For many, pending deadlines and packed schedules are not overwhelming, but instead can be a driving force that pushes them toward greater productivity. We have processes to streamline, goals to achieve, promotions to earn, debt to eliminate, exercise regimes to master, dreams to chase, and people to help and inspire. The “I work best under… Read more »