Three Behavioral Interview Tips To Calm Your Fears

Interviews are intimidating enough already. Behavioral interviews add another layer of pressure onto an already stressful situation. Taking the time to prepare and craft a cohesive career story can make your behavioral interview go a little smoother. The purpose of a behavioral interview is to get to know how you tick, how you’ll fit in… Read more »

Why do Restaurants Fail? What Can Employers do Better?

According recent studies, 60 percent of new restaurants do not make it past the first year, and 75-80 percent go under within five years. So why do restaurants fail? How can you ensure that your restaurant is not another casualty? Avoid these top five reasons that restaurants fail: Wrong location Bad management Poor quality Out… Read more »

Soft Skills that Make a Great Hotel Manager

Hiring the right manager is one of the most important decisions you can make for your hotel.  A great manager can keep your guests happy, increasing your repeat and referral business. When you’re hiring a manager for your hotel, you look for industry experience, education and a track record of success. Hotel Managers must wear… Read more »

Temperamental Executive Chefs: Are They Worth the Drama?

The short answer is no. While the Gordon Ramseys of the world make for great television, a drama king or queen is not the key to a restaurant’s success. That’s not to say that a chef should not have personality – a bit of charm and charisma can go a long way toward getting things… Read more »

There is No Field Better than Hospitality

There is No Field Better than Hospitality. Here’s Why. The benefits of working in hospitality is a well-kept secret. Many people don’t even know all the options that are available to them, from front line positions like front desk clerk or server to running an entire hotel chain – the options are endless and varied.… Read more »

Ace Your Restaurant Management Job Interview


Interviews are stressful in any industry, but when you are looking for jobs in restaurant management, you have to demonstrate your ability to wear the many hats required to meet the demands of the job. You must present yourself professionally, be outgoing and engaging and show how well you handle stress. Here are a few… Read more »

Is the Golden Rule Selfish?

Since childhood, we have all been raised by the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Many would cite this ethical code as one of their aspirations by which to live, both personally and professionally. The problem with the Golden Rule? It implies the basic assumption that other people would like… Read more »

How Can Social Media Impact Your Restaurant’s Success?

Increasingly people depend on social media to get information and make purchasing decisions. As a restaurant owner there are several ways that you can leverage social media to make your restaurant more successful. Attract New Customers Offer discounts through online deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, Deal Chicken, etc. Discounts can bring in new customers… Read more »

Healthcare Changes: A Checklist for Restaurant Operators

The Affordable Care Act can have immediate and long-term effects on your restaurant. It’s important to keep up with the requirements, changes and deadlines of the legislation in order to prepare for what comes, ensure compliance and avoid fines.  The best offense is a good defense, so take steps to prepare for the changes now… Read more »