Focus on Talent and It Will Lead to a More Diverse Staff

Building a diverse staff is a frequent goal of leaders in the hospitality business. But how can you reach out to a broad range of people without sacrificing the high standards you have for your staff? It may not be as challenging as you think to attract highly qualified diverse talent to your hotel or… Read more »

Make Your Hotel Appealing to Travelers for a Day Stay


Travelers know that there is simply nothing worse than a long layover in a strange city with no amenities available in the airport but the hard floor or an uncomfortable chair. Whether they are traveling for business or on their way to a long-awaited vacation, a stressful travel experience is the last thing they need.… Read more »

Properly Respond to Online Customer Complaints During Their Experience

When it comes to online customer complaints, the more promptly you address them, the better. In the hospitality industry, you sometimes have an advantage that other businesses do not. Your guests may be with you for several days, giving you the opportunity to rectify any problems before they even leave your premises. Keep up with… Read more »

Hospitality Staff Must Provide ‘WOW’ Customer Service

Travelers have become more independent. They plan trips without agents, conduct research online and don’t always use the services of bellhops or concierges. Without these traditional avenues of standout service, how can you impress your guests and earn repeat business? Share Local Knowledge Some travelers enjoy the predictability of visiting the same stores and restaurants… Read more »

How Can Restaurants Adjust to Customers Wanting More Delivery?

Technological developments give people more options than ever. And sometimes that means they would rather enjoy a nice, restaurant-quality meal while binge-watching Netflix than actually go out to eat. The fact that delivery is no longer limited to pizza and Chinese food can open a whole new revenue stream for restaurants who embrace these trends.… Read more »

What Technology Can Set Your Hospitality Company Apart?

Travelers are increasingly tech savvy. They expect the same level of technology on the road that they enjoy at home. How can you use technology to improve the quality of guest experience and encourage return visits? Free Wifi People have grown accustomed to free access to wifi connection everyplace from coffee shops to grocery stores.… Read more »

How Do Employees Learn on the Job and Not Affect Your Service?

The hospitality industry requires a lot of on-the-job training. But guest experience cannot suffer while you are getting your people up to speed. How can you train new employees and improve the skills of veterans while maintaining your usual service standards? Training new employees People tend to learn faster by doing, especially in the hospitality… Read more »

4 Keys to Success after Receiving a Promotion

Winning a promotion is exciting. You put in a lot of hard work to get there and you’re probably eager to show what you can do. It’s natural to want to make a great first impression on the job, but it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew. Choose just a few… Read more »

Thinking About Tablets in Your Restaurant? Think About This

Tablets are popping up in a variety of restaurants, from freestanding units on tables in fast-casual restaurants to discreet hand-helds that can be found even in higher-end establishments. How do you know if tablets are right for your restaurant? Who are your customers? Are your typical guests likely to embrace technology? To some, tablets may… Read more »

Delegate Tasks to Your Staff the Right Way

Often, you rise to the ranks of manager because you excel at getting things done. But you’ll soon find that you can’t possibly do it all yourself, no matter how hard you try. That’s when you must learn to delegate – no matter how hard it is to give up that bit of control. Here… Read more »