How Senior Living Communities Can Improve Employee Retention

How senior living can increase employee retention

In a recent survey of senior housing operators, ninety percent of respondents reported current staffing shortages! Yes, attracting new talent is key to staying staffed. However, senior living communities should consider putting the bulk of their time and energy into retaining their existing employees. How can senior living leaders create a workplace that fosters loyal… Read more »

Insightful Solutions to Reservation No-Shows

If you work in the restaurant industry, we don’t need to tell you how irritating, and usually financially detrimental, reservation no-shows are. It can throw operations out of balance and often creates staff resentment toward diners. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are several ways you can control the rising rate of reservation no-shows.… Read more »

The Value of a Hotel Sustainability Specialist

Once a niche travel market, sustainable travel is on the minds of more travelers today. Over eighty percent say that sustainable travel is important to them! How can hotels make sustainability changes that resonate with travelers and still make sense operationally? Do you have hotel management that can take on the challenge? Or is that… Read more »

What is Turnover Really Costing You?

written by Leigh Ann Teubert Vice President – Horizon Hospitality When a guest walks into your operation and sees the same reliable people, it increases their comfort and confidence that they will receive great service. They will keep coming back and confidently tell all their friends about their experience. So, when your hotel or restaurant… Read more »

Providing Professional References: The Essential Dos and Don’ts

Our hospitality recruiters will be the first to tell you that a glowing professional reference can seal the deal on your dream job offer. But if you are not in the habit of networking, asking for professional references can feel intimidating. The good news is that most of your professional network would love to contribute… Read more »

What’s Next for the Restaurant Delivery Trend?

As many industry professionals predicted, food delivery is here to stay in the post-pandemic restaurant industry. However, there are a few caveats that surprised the industry. Between third-party delivery services stalling, full-service restaurants dropping delivery service, and consumers spending more consciously, food delivery has become a more complicated trend to forecast. Here is where the… Read more »

Horizon Hospitality Named a 2023 Forbes Top Professional Recruiting Firm.

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Scott Samuels, CEO Tel: (913) 333-3190 Email: [email protected] Web: Horizon Hospitality Named a 2023 Forbes Top Professional Recruiting Firm. [Overland Park, KS – May 4, 2023] Horizon Hospitality Associates, a leading recruiting and executive search firm specializing in the hospitality industry, is proud to announce its inclusion in the… Read more »

Five Recruiting Tactics to Reboot Your Hotel’s Diversity Initiatives

Diversity starts with an unbiased recruitment process

The number of companies with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives skyrocketed in the last three years. However, these initiatives showed mixed results. Employees have noticed, and about one-third would consider quitting if their company did not make improvements in DEI this year. A great place for hotels to revitalize their diversity commitments is at… Read more »