Private Clubs and Coworking Spaces: A Perfect Match?

Currently, almost fifty percent of Americans work from home full time, and most will probably continue to do so in some capacity after the pandemic. But many workers will still crave the ability to collaborate and separate work from their home life. This presents a perfect opportunity to capture a new type of member who wants a change of pace. Many clubs have already adapted their existing facilities to create high-end coworking spaces. But is this the right move for every club? What sets a club up for success in the coworking market?

Location, location, location

Is your club located in a picturesque countryside, far from the city limits? You might not be the most appealing choice for professionals who are now accustomed to a nonexistent commute.

But if your club is near an established residential area, or a densely populated metro, your facilities would be an ideal destination for remote workers looking for an easy change of scenery.

Be In-Demand

If your club seems conveniently located, consider who it is convenient for. Research your area’s demographics and members’ needs. If they are predominantly retirees or are unable to work remotely, then a new co working program probably will not be very beneficial to your club or its members. But if there are a high number of families in your area, demand for extra working spaces could be high.

Have the Right Spaces

While a century-old historic country club may be a charming place for a social event, it may not be well suited for the working professional. Be sure the space can be open enough for multiple members to comfortably work, as well as collaborate. If your club can accommodate this, it should be secluded enough from loud dining or event spaces. If there is enough demand, you may even consider a small remodel.

Competitive Technology

Your club should provide technical resources comparable to a corporate office. Members may be looking for a space that has a more comprehensive supply of technology than they have at home. Equip your facilities with strong internet and Wi-Fi are an absolute must.

Also, provide easy access to office machinery that they probably do not have at home: scanners, high volume printers, and yes, even fax machines. Your club should also be able to provide sufficient technical support to ensure everything operates smoothly for members.

Feature Amenities and Services

A private club’s amenities and services are what will set them apart from other coworking options. Take stock of how you can better tailor your dining outlets and services to the working member. Consider incorporating a café style outlet where members can easily grab snacks, coffee, or even breakfast and get back to work. If you have wellness amenities like a gym, sauna, or spa, make them easily accessible during work hours.

Have the Right Team

Capturing the coworking market is about more than just providing a physical workspace for members. Clubs must set themselves apart from other coworking options through their superior service. Find the right professionals who can create a high-end working experience. Partner with experienced private club recruiters like the ones at Horizon Hospitality to access thousands of hospitality professionals. Contact us to learn more.



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