The Secret to Goal Setting for a Job Search

Smart Goal Setting for your Job Search

Looking for the next step in your career? Whether you are currently without a job or just looking for something new, it can be tough to know where to start. Yes, the ultimate goal is to get a new job. But you need to start with some small, manageable goals. Here is how to set, and achieve, the kinds of goals that will lead to a successful job search:

Be Specific

The broader a goal is, the less achievable it becomes. No matter what you decide to focus on for your goals, make sure they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). This is a very effective way of formulating short-term goals that are realistic and produce tangible results. Write down your goals and give yourself a timeline of when you would like to accomplish them. This way, you can still have a sense of accomplishment and stay motivated throughout the job search. Consider formatting your goals like:

  • Send 3 applications out a week
  • Re-format my resume by the end of the month
  • Volunteer at least 2 hours a week

These types of specific goals will be much more helpful than simply having one distant goal of “Get a new job.”

Control the Controllables

There is so much that is out of your control during a job search, which is why the whole process can be so frustrating. But focusing on small concrete tasks that are within your power can help you make tangible progress in your job search. Take a look at your resume, make sure it’s up to date, and reconsider what skills and experiences to include. Also, review and update your social media accounts, especially your LinkedIn. While you have no control over what jobs are available, you can certainly control the image you portray to hiring managers.

Lean on Your Network

Networking isn’t all about shaking hands, exchanging business cards, and waiting for someone to offer you a job. Staying connected with people you have worked with helps you keep your thumb on the pulse of the industry. These professional relationships can also help hold you accountable to your goals. If you share your goals with professionals you trust, you will be more motivated to see them through and not lose steam.

Look for Growth Opportunities

Even if you are trying to move on from your current employer, you can still take on new challenges at your current job to grow your skillset. And if you are unemployed, there are still ways to gain new experiences and skills. There are online courses and certification programs for just about any hospitality specialty. Also, consider getting into some volunteer work. Involving yourself with local philanthropies is a great way to gain new experiences, grow your network, or simply stay mentally active.

Use all of your resources

Searching for a new career does not have to be an overwhelming task. Regardless of whether you are currently employed or not, take advantage of every resource you can find. The hospitality recruiters at Horizon Hospitality can provide resources for your search and have relationships with clients across the country in every field of the hospitality industry. Fill out a candidate profile to get started.



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