Top Benefits of Interim Management for Hospitality Venues


Those unfamiliar with interim management may incorrectly equate it with temporary staffing. While temporary or contract staffing can range from filling in for short-term absences to bringing on highly skilled specialists on a project basis, interim management is more strategic. They are there to provide continuity, stability or at times, act as a change agent. Consider these situations in which interim management can be leveraged in hospitality.

When do you need interim management? 

  • Unexpected resignation of a high-level employee 
  • Succession planning
  • Guidance through periods of significant growth 
  • Facilitating new process implementation 
  • Rebranding or other large-scale change 
  • Crisis intervention 

Hospitality Interim managers can reduce stress, retain employee, consumer and market confidence, and lend expertise. They allow you to: 

Search Thoughtfully 

Bringing on an interim manager or executive can give you breathing room to conduct a full-fledged search for critical or strategic positions. Realistically, the individual you wish to hire is unlikely to be currently available. You will need to perform an in-depth search, networking with others in your industry to gain an understanding of where appropriate candidates are currently employed. You’ll need to know how to approach them confidentially, what it will take to attract them. 

Transition Smoothly 

If they do accept your offer, they will need time to disentangle themselves from current obligations before beginning their tenure with your organization. All this takes time. It could be just a few weeks, or it could take a year or more. In this time, your hospitality business cannot only run on autopilot. You need a steady hand to guide your company through this transition. 

Maintain Stability 

This is when interim management comes into play. Interim managers can maintain the status quo if that is your preference, or they can prepare your employees for change. One of the most critical services they can perform is to reduce attrition. Management change brings uncertainty, often leading employees to look for new jobs rather than wait to see what shakes out. It’s usually your best employees you lose in this situation, those who are strategic and forward-thinking and have options available to them. 

Learn Best Practices 

Often, interim managers are specialists who make a career of stepping into these temporary roles. They enjoy the challenge and variety of stepping in when they are needed most. They bring experience and insight to a difficult time in your organization. They know what to expect and how to handle it with minimal disruption. As such, they can act as a consultant as much as they are filling the vacant role. You can also hire a manager in the interim to assess them for a more permanent position in the organization. 

Trust the Hospitality Recruitment Experts 

When you need an interim manager, consider working with a specialized hospitality recruiting firm like Horizon Hospitality. Our experts know where the most highly in demand hospitality managers and executives are currently working and can reach out to them, even if they are presently with a competitor. Learn more about our hospitality interim management recruitment services or contact us today. 




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