What Horizon Hospitality brings to the table:

We leverage our extensive proprietary database of over 245,000 hospitality professionals and employ innovative sourcing tools and techniques. Our team members are hospitality experts. Each individual:

  • Has held management or executive-level positions in various segments of the hospitality industry
  • Has been professionally trained in the leading candidate sourcing and hospitality recruitment practices
  • Uses the most progressive sourcing, screening and interviewing techniques
  • Is involved in continuing education within the executive search and recruiting industry
  • Always maintains confidentiality and discretion where necessary
  • Is completely transparent about information we receive during the search process
  • Will always provide you with candid and honest feedback
  • Uses variety of assessments and other pre-hire tools to ensure you are selecting the best person for your company
  • Works with a dedicated client relations team member to ensure your expectations not only met, but exceeded
  • Is personally committed to achieving the highest level of success for you and your company!

Partner with Horizon for Exceptional Hospitality Management Professionals.

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“Horizon Hospitality is committed to creating exceptional partnerships with our clients that enable us to provide a world-class service while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.”

Scott A. Samuels, Founder and CEO of Horizon Hospitality