Glassdoor Reviews Impact a Company’s Ability to Hire Top Performers


You probably keep up with online feedback of your restaurant or hotel on common review sites to see how your service rates, but have you checked how you’re doing on Glassdoor? You provide the exceptional service you do because of the quality of people you hire. Are you sure your Glassdoor rankings aren’t impeding that… Read more »

Will New Hospitality Technology Affect Talent Acquisition?

As automation increases in the hospitality industry, the way in which you recruit may be impacted. Your hotel or restaurant will need to hire people with different kinds of skill sets or retrain current employees people who show signs of potential and willingness for development. Are robots taking our jobs? In a word, no. But… Read more »

Asking Candidates for Salary History May NOW Have Legal Implications


Recent discussions have employers wondering if they should be asking candidates for salary history during the interview process. Of particular concern is Oregon’s Equal Pay Act, portions of which are to go into effect in October 2017. Along with many other provisions, it contains the admonishment that employers may not ask an applicant how much… Read more »

Experience or Interview – What’s More Important in Hiring for Hospitality Companies?

When was the last time you were surprised in an interview? If you can’t remember, it may be time to develop some new questions or take a fresh approach. In some industries, candidates can interview poorly, but still excel on the job. That is seldom the case in the hospitality industry. Some of the very… Read more »