Asking Candidates for Salary History May NOW Have Legal Implications


Recent discussions have employers wondering if they should be asking candidates for salary history during the interview process. Of particular concern is Oregon’s Equal Pay Act, portions of which are to go into effect in October 2017. Along with many other provisions, it contains the admonishment that employers may not ask an applicant how much… Read more »

What Is Your Goal – Build Check Size or Drive More Customer Traffic?

There’s more than one way to grow your restaurant business. The method you choose depends on the resources available to you. The primary sources of growth most restaurant owners rely on are increasing the number of customers who dine in their establishment or boosting the dollars spent by each diner. Here are some proven growth… Read more »

The Guide to Building an Awesome Staff for Luxury Hotels


Luxury hotels can be difficult to staff well. You must hire people who are both comfortable interacting with well-off or celebrity guests, and committed to delivering a memorable experience to each and every one of them. It’s not easy. Guests of upscale hotels bring high expectations and can be demanding. They are accustomed to only… Read more »

Is a Locker for Wine or Liquor a Feature Your Favorite Customers Would Appreciate?

What is your restaurant clientele like? Do they enjoy the finer things? Are they willing to pay a premium for them? A private onsite locker for wine and liquor may be just the perk they need to continue coming back to your establishment. After all, what would make them feel more welcome than providing a… Read more »