Thinking About More Restaurant Technology? Don’t Forget ROI?

There is virtually no limit to the technology available to today’s restaurants. But how do you know which ones to adopt and which ones to skip? Consider technologies that improve diner experience, allow you to keep up with the latest trends and prove profitability. Here are a few restaurant technologies you may want to adopt.… Read more »

The 2 for $20 Offer Erodes the Long-Term Value of a Full-Service Restaurant


You may not know it yet, but your restaurant is in trouble. The reason? Millennials. Why? Because they are holding restaurants to a higher standard. Recent reports have revealed that fast food and fast casual restaurants are struggling for business because younger diners just don’t go to them. Cheaper Isn’t Always Better In recent years,… Read more »

Overcome Communication Challenges in Vacation Rentals


Vacation rentals can be sensitive. Vacationers have unrealistic expectations that every aspect of their stays will be idyllic and perfect. Individuals who are perfectly rational in every other aspect of their lives suddenly behave like they are the princess and the pea. The smallest inconvenience can completely ruin their vacation. Unhappy Vacationers are the Last… Read more »

Where Do You Go (in Your Career Search) When You Don’t Know Where to Go?


As a hospitality professional, you know there are many opportunities in the industry. Getting a little expert advice can help you make smarter career decisions – whether you’re looking for your first management position, changing industries, juggling offers or hoping to relocate to a highly desirable location. You may have questions like: Which opportunity is… Read more »

Horizon Hospitality Lauded as Top Industry Blog

Horizon Hospitality has been recognized once again as a trusted resource for the hospitality industry. Most recently, the website and blog was named to Feedspot’s Top 100 Hotel Websites & Blogs for Hotel Industry Professionals. Horizon’s blog was chosen from among thousands of hospitality blogs. The winning blogs were chosen based on Google rankings, social… Read more »

Which Prehire Screening Is Right for Your Hospitality Hiring Process?


Your managers can really set the tone for your restaurant, hotel or resort. They can be instrumental in your success – or failure. That’s why it’s critical to choose a prehire screening process that identifies the traits and talents you want your managers to have and eliminate those who possess tendencies you want to avoid.… Read more »